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As Nielsen Media Research will not be measuring our newest television station, 8 Prime RTN (Click HERE for Website), for anytime in the foreseeable future, the FCG Research Department will be conducting various regular audience surveys to test Tampa Bay awareness and potential viewership of 8 Prime and get audience feedback on programming and website content.

  •  Our second audience survey was conducted July 25-26, 2009.  SurveyUSA contacted 900 respondents, asking them a series of questions provided by WFLA. Of the 900 respondents, only 87 indicated they had ever heard of 8 Prime (10% of total audience compared to 7% in March 2009). Of those 87 respondents, only 44 indicated they have ever watched 8 Prime (50% of total audience compared to 47% in March 2009). This gives us a market cume of 4.9% (44/900).  This is an increase over March’s cume of 3.1% (28/900).

                                                    July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Have heard of 8 Prime

Yes                                         10%             7%

No                                          90%           93%

 Have watched 8 Prime

Yes                                         50%           47%

No                                          50%           53%

 Estimated Market Cume         4.9%          3.1%

  •  Of the 900 respondents, only 87 indicated they are aware of the relationship between 8 Prime and WFLA.  Awareness of the relationship between 8 Prime and WFLA is very strong, with 86% of the audience aware that 8 Prime is the sister station of WFLA (vs. 72% in March 2009).  However, three-quarters of the audience says this relationship makes no difference to their viewing habits, while only 16% says it does (vs. 34% in March 2009).


                                                   July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Awareness of relationship

Yes                                         86%           72%

No                                          14%           27%


Makes a difference in viewing habits

More                                       16%           34%

Less                                          9%           17%

No difference                          75%           49%

  •  Of the 900 respondents in this survey, only 17 indicated they had watched our 7 p.m. newscast on 8 Prime – a 2.2% cume (14/900), an increase from March’s cume of 1.6% (14/900)   When asked what time is most convenient to watch the evening news, well over one-third (38% vs. 42% in March 2009) indicated 6 p.m. is the most convenient time, and 30% (vs. 29% in March 2009) preferred 5 p.m.  Only 14% indicated that 7 p.m. is most convenient, doubling the response of 7% from March’s survey.  Although market cume for 8 Prime and preference for early news at 7 p.m. has increased, our 7 p.m. newscast may not appear to have much staying power in this market.  However, with slightly increasing numbers, testing on this subject will continue in the future.

                                                   July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Watched 7 p.m. newscast on 8 Prime

Yes                                         20%           23%

No                                          80%           77%

Most convenient time to watch WFLA news

5 p.m.-6 p.m.                          30%           29%

6 p.m.-7 p.m.                          38%           43%

7 p.m.-8 p.m.                          14%             7%

Another time                            13%           17%

  • Most viewers (84% vs. 74% in March 2009) can correctly identify the type of programming offered by 8 Prime, indicating a success in that front.  Almost half of channel number awareness seems to be going to Over-the-air (48%), with Bright House cable receiving a large amount of the awareness as well (29%) . 

                                                   July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Programming type

Classic TV shows                    84%           74%

24 hour news                             4%             8%

Reality TV                                 1%             1%

Home & Garden                        1%             1% 

                                                   July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Channel you can find 8 Prime on

8.2 (Over-the-air)                    48%           35%

607 (Bright House)                  29%           32%

460 (Verizon FIOS)                  5%           10%

133 (Knology)                           1%             0% 

  • With a sample size of only 44 respondents, the sample size is too low to extrapolate to universe estimates. Since the demographic breakdowns cannot be verified, we can only use the following demographic breakdown as a guideline only. The 8 Prime viewers are men (79%). They tend to be older (35+), and actually over-index the market highest in the 35-49 age range (158 index to market average).  However, they under-index with minority viewers. Our viewers seem to be frequent viewers.  Over 60% (vs. 52% in March 2009) of the 8 Prime audience says they watch a few times a week or more! 

                                                   July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Watch 8 Prime several times a week

Every day                                21%           21%

Few times a week                    39%           31%

Once a week                             2%             7%

Few times a month                   17%           39%

Less often                                20%             − 

  • When asked about their likelihood to visit a potential website to view these classic TV shows online, 40% of respondents (vs. 31% in March 2009) said they would be somewhat or very likely to visit a website with online classic television shows (Standard of error +/- 10.7%). Current estimates say roughly 20% of the U.S. already regularly watches television shows online, so our 40% is well in front of U.S. estimates.  However, overwhelmingly, our audience would not be willing to pay for this content – 99% indicated they would not pay for such content (vs. 98% in March 2009). 

                                                   July          March

                                                  2009          2009

Likelihood to visit website

Very likely                               18%             9%

Somewhat likely                      22%           22%

Not very likely                         24%           37%

Not at all                                 36%           31% 

  • The survey included a section of voice captures where people could give their opinions on the new station in their own words. Responses were split evenly between positive, negative and neutral responses.  Of the positive comments, the most common endorsements centered around:  
  1. It’s fun to watch old classic TV shows
  2. It brings me back in time, back to my childhood
  3. Convenient to watch early news if missed earlier in the day
  4. Provides alternative programming on a network station 
  • Of the negative responses, the most common type of complaints were: 
  1. Want more variety in the programming offered
  2. Often inaccurate or incomplete programming guide
  3. Unsure of how to watch/what channel it is on. 

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